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Where Learning Knows No Limits:
The Learning Outpost

 24' - 25' Fall Registration Opens February 23rd

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Our Mission

To restore the love of learning in children. Creating a safe learning environment because your child's education matters.

So Why Us?

K-6 Program

Programming that focuses on project-based learning and social/emotional intelligence 

Small Classes

Our ratio for our classes is

1 : 12. This ensures children get the help they need. 

Individualized Curriculum

In addition to our projects, children will receive individualized support through e-learning. 

Caring Educators

Children work with experienced mentors

Plenty of Breaks

Learning should not be rushed. Children can take breaks when they need them.


We believe that The Learning Outpost is a community, We communicate with our families regularly.

You Have Options

We're conditioned to believe that our only options for education are private, public, or charter schools. So we enroll our children in the best school available, only to feel disappointed, stuck, and defeated. Now what? This is the question I asked myself.


As a teacher, I knew I had to create the education I wanted for my own children.

This is why I created The Learning Outpost.

 Because my child's education matters and so does yours.

-Felicia Wright, Founder

What Makes Us Different?

Real-Life Skills

We teach kids powerful life skills to prepare them for the real world. These skills include home and life skills

Hands-On Learning

The children have the opportunity to learn by doing. We encourge deeper learning and to think outside of the box.

Freedom to Explore 

During exploration time, the children can explore their own interests. In addition, they are involved in the direction of their learning.


Children are surrounded by love and support. We empower them to learn and become leaders in their community!

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